3 Simple ways to slow down & reduce stress

Suffering from stress? Here’s 3 very simple 5 minute practices you can introduce into your day, to help you slow down, become empowered to make better choices for yourself and bring awareness to how you are truly feeling in any given moment.

Fast paced living within the modern world can lead to burnout and stress! This can have a huge impact on your health, energetically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Awareness is key to you finding a place of peace and calm within yourself in an often demanding and chaotic world.

Once you become aware of any aspect of you life, be it your thoughts, feelings or actions, you instantly empower yourself. You stop stumbling through life. You raise your level of consciousness and can start making choices that are more aligned with who you really are and what you truly desire in life. No matter how small. Every change made consciously will improve your life and move you forward. You forge a new path for yourself.

Take a moment just now to simply BREATHE.
Stop reading for just a few moments and take 3 deep breaths. 
How does it feel to know that in this very moment you don’t need to  in the fast paced demands that have caused you so much stress and prevented you from creating a life filled with meaning and joy?
Relieved is the word that springs to mind for most people, but for others change can feel scary or even impossible to imagine.

Here are three simple 5 minute practices you can introduce to your day to help bring you into the present moment and slow down your mind, body and spirit.

  • Take 5 minutes in the morning to simply think about what you can sense in the room around you before you get out of bed. Is it light or dark? Can you see some of your favourite objects in the room? Can you hear rain or wind outside, or a glimpse of sunshine through the window? Can you hear any birds singing or traffic driving by as people start their day? Feel the warmth and softness of your bed linen as it surrounds and supports your body. Gentle stretch out and be aware of the muscles in your body starting to awake from their sleep. This practice will bring you right into the present moment and set you up for the day ahead.


  • Take 5 minutes each day to simply sit and do nothing. This is not a tea, coffee or reading break…just 5 minutes where you will do nothing, allow your body to rest and let your mind wander wherever it wants to go.


  • Take 5 minutes at the end of the day to consciously focus on your breathing before you go to sleep. This helps relax both the body and mind and prepares you for a restful, peaceful sleep.

If you are wondering how on earth you will fit in 15 minutes per day to include these practices on a regular basis, then it’s a sure sign you could benefit from making the time to slow down a little and lead a more mindful lifestyle. As humans we are not designed to operate on full speed all the time. Rest, time for reflection and time to simply BE are just as important as taking action.

You mind, body and spirit need time to rest, recharge and reflect. Allow yourself to have it daily and enjoy the rewards it brings.

With love,



Linda Pollock. Scottish Spiritual Medium and Founder of Mindful Wishes. 

Find details of how to book a private mediumship reading with Linda HERE.

Find details of how to book a Transformational Life Coaching session with Linda HERE.

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