Tarot Life Guidance Reading

This traditional Tarot Reading will help you access and understand the language of your soul. A reading can give you clarity and guidance on how to move forward in areas of your life you feel “stuck”. Together will will identify patterns and behavours that have shaped who you are and find ways to move forward to create the life you desire with more confidence and ease. This reading can help you make peace with your past, find purpose in the present and feel inspired by the potential that the future offers you.

What you get:

A traditional Celtic Cross spread with 10 cards that give insights into your current life circumstances and offer you a better understanding of your own life patterns, behaviours and soul desires so you can move forward with more confidence and ease.

An opportunity to ask your two most pressing questions and get specific answers from the Tarot, with an additional 3 cards drawn for each question.

A video recording of your reading to keep and refer back to as often as you you want.

Tarot readings last 45 minutes. Schedule your appointment now £55

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I look forward to seeing what your cards reveal.

Scottish psychic medium, Linda Hughes.

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