Mediumship Development circle

Discover the Medium in you, with exclusive training from Scottish Psychic Medium Linda Hughes. As a full-time Medium with nearly a decade of experience, a large global client base including many well know public figures, and a social media following of over 142k people, I am passionate about helping others who feel called to explore their own connection to the Spirit World reach their full potential. Please read the following details before deciding if this training is right for you at this time, then Scroll down to enroll.

The next circle on Sunday the 26th of February 2023 and will take place once a month thereafter.

Enroll now. First month access to the Mediumship Development Circle

Join This months circle. You will be sent the Zoom link and details to access the private FB group within 48hours of your payment being received.


This group training is for you if:

You are a beginner who is just starting to explore Mediumship.

You already understand the principles and purpose of Mediumship.

You want to develop your intuitive abilities and find a defined purpose for them.

You are curious to learn and expand your knowledge of spiritual topics.

You have a strong sense of being connected to the Spirit World.

You have a desire to help others heal by providing evidence of life beyond death.

You want to meet like minded people who “get you” and who will support you.

Are keen and willing (even if a little nervous) to practice reading for others in a safe, private and supportive space.

The development circle classes will take place once a month on Sundays at 7pm UK time. The next circle on Sunday the 26th of February 2023 and will take place once a month thereafter. The sessions last 90 minutes. With 45 minutes of teaching time and 45 minutes of practice readings. You will be able to ask me your questions to get personal and specific guidance about the areas of your Mediumship you feel stuck in or wish to improve. Sessions will be recorded and can be watched at your own leisure if you can’t attend live.

Each month we will explore with different ways of working with Spirit to enhance your Mediumistic abilities, use powerful coaching techniques to build your confidence, and provide excersises for you to work on at home. You will also have the oppportunity to regularly practice reading for others in a safe, private, and supportive environment.

You will also get access to a private group on Facebook where you can get to know other members of the circle better as you share your Mediumship experiences, offer and receive support, and build new friendships. I can not stress enough how important being in a community with other Mediums is for your development. Meeting other Mediums on my own journey was the one thing that propelled my mediumship abilities to another level rapidly! I’ll also be active in the group with extra development excerises and weekly tips.

Membership is £22 per month and is paid on a month by month basis, so you can attend as many circles as you want and leave at any time without being committed to a payment plan. Your first month is a one off payment, so you can experience the circle and see if it’s the right training and community for you.

I look forward to walking this path with you. It’s going to be fun!

Scottish Psychic Medium, Linda Hughes.