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Thank you for visiting my site. This isn’t a standard ‘Why you should book a reading with me’ type of about me page on a website. I want you to get to know about me by hearing a little of my life story. If you’ve found your way here, then perhaps there is something contained within it that will help you on your journey. After all, ultimately that’s what we’re all here to do, help each other along.

My Name is Linda Hughes. I’m firstly a mum of two beautiful kids and I’m also a Psychic Medium. It’s taken me a very long time to be comfortable saying that sentence. Not being a mum, that comes easy, but embracing my other gifts that have lead me to realise and accept that being a Psychic Medium is my purpose in life.

Having grown up in a very loving down-to-earth working class family in a small town in Central Scotland, Psychic Mediums were not people I came across often as a youngster. I was an extremely sensitive child, quick to cry, painfully shy, and easily thrown of balance emotionally if I witnessed any kind of conflict or sadness around me. As much as my gentleness was loved and appreciated by my parents, I was told often that I would have to learn to ‘toughen up’ if I was to thrive and succeed in this World.

As you may often read of others, I have no great family lineage of Mediums before me. I didn’t grow up going to spiritualist churches, or any church for that matter. The place where I found connection to something greater than myself was on the ice. As a competitive figure skater in my childhood, this was were I felt free from the everyday burdens of life. This was the place I was able to shine, realise my talents, see my potential and live my purpose as it was at that time.

My teenage years however were difficult to say the least. Bullied severely throughout my entire teenage years I spent most days living with paralysing fear. Wanting to hide from the world and not be seen to be good at anything that would make me stand out. This was when I first became aware of my natural gifts as a Psychic Medium, but I didn’t really know what it was back then. I would wake in the middle of the night hearing footsteps outside my bedroom door, sometimes hearing whispered voices and unexplained knocks. Sensing there were people I didn’t know close by and I would close my eyes tightly, begging not to see any form of spirit, thinking it would scare me to death if I did.

I dismissed these regular night time experiences as nothing more than my day time terror of being bullied somehow interfering with my subconscious mind at night and my mind trying to make sense of the real fear I was experiencing every day in life.

I didn’t do anything with these extra senses, as I now see them, throughout my 20’s and early 30’s and lived a fairly regular and mundane life. I worked in recruitment and HR, had many good friends, went through several more personal struggles plagued by low self-esteem and healed from several toxic relationships, but I was overjoyed at being a mum and overall life was good.

It wasn’t until I witnessed my Dad passing when I was 37 that I was made aware of my Psychic and Mediumship abilities again. And they came back with a bang! Just a few months after my Dad passed, still stuck in the throws of grief, I was suddenly struck down one night while making dinner with 17 stroke like symptoms which left me in hospital for days; unable to walk, talk or even feed myself. I was diagnosed with a condition called Functional Dystonia. After many blood tests and MRI scans, my prognosis was not great. I was told by health professionals I would have around a years recovery time to fully regain my speech and learn how to walk again.

I turned to two friends for help. One was a bio-energy healer and the other a Channel. I was sceptical but desperate and didn’t even really understand what they did. So when they managed to cure me of all 17 symptoms in less than an hour without physically touching me, I was both shocked and amazed!

This clearing was greater than a lifting of physical symptoms. I felt I had been released of all the emotional burdens and pain from the past; from being bullied, from toxic relationships, from the grief of losing my Dad, and from fearing so much what others thought of me, which had all held me back from living life fully. Having been so ill, I felt like I had been given a second chance at life.

What happened next though sent me straight back into the arms of fear. Just like when I was a teenager I started to sense people around me. People nobody else could see, hear or sense. It wasn’t just at night either this time. It was all the time! It was like I somehow had a direct link to the other side and I desperately wanted to know how to switch it off!

I suddenly knew things about the real people I would come into contact with on a daily basis. I knew things about their past, their present, their loved ones in spirit, and the whole thing terrified me. I honestly thought I was going crazy and that a white van would pull up outside my house to whisk me off in a straight jacket at any moment. That thought just added further to my fear.

I sought help from a local spiritual shop that had a meeting every Monday night for spiritual development. I went with the intention of asking them how the heck I could switch this connection off, but after 6 months attending weekly, I adjusted to my newly heightened senses and learned how to manage them. I had found people who were just like me. Who understood the things I could now see, hear, sense and feel. They treated it all with such normality, it helped me accept this was just another part of me which I could love and embrace and maybe even put to some use to help others.

Not long after, I took first my tentative steps into reading for others by taking a job at a local spiritual café. Lots of people would come in each day for tea and readings. It was a place I found life long friends in the other staff and a place where I really got a chance to develop and hone my skills as a Psychic Medium. I read for up to 10 people a day for almost two years. That’s a lot of people! And they came in groups! There was no saying things without conviction behind closed doors. My skills as a Medium were tested in front of others. If I had said some kind of general message from spirit that was so general it could have related to anyone, I can assure you, the Aunty, friend or partner also sitting at that table would call me out. Remember this cafe is in Scotland! We say it like it is here and aren’t afraid to say when something is rubbish. It was the best training ground I could have ever wished for. It kept me on my toes and the psychic information and messages from Spirit got clearer and more detailed as a result. The people I read for were all strangers to me yet I could accurately tell them intimate details about their life and bring specific meaningful messages from their loved ones in spirit. It gave me the confidence and ability to make the most of my skills to help others, which I have been doing by reading for people all around the world online for the past 4 years, with word of mouth of my reading spreading, leading more people to find me. However, I still had to get to grips with being able to call myself a Psychic Medium. And that’s where you meet me now as you read this.

When you’ve experienced bullying to the extent I did growing up, there’s no bigger fear than putting yourself out there into the World with a title that still brings so much judgement and criticism from so many people. My whole life my default survival mode has been to not stand out.

A Psychic Medium. Among many other things is what I am. I’m ok with it. I’m at peace with my purpose. I truly love my work. The people who matter most to me in this world are ok with it too. So after many years of trying to hide behind other things I’m ready to fully embrace my purpose. Even with such a huge social media following of over 142k people, I’ve still tried to hide this part of myself somewhat over the years by highlighting the original uplifting quotes I write on my Facebook page rather than speaking so publicly about this. For those of you who have followed me for a while, those will still remain, but I will also be starting to speak more about the work I do as a Medium.

I’d love to use my gifts to read for you and show you that life goes on beyond the physical bodies we have. Those who have crossed to the other side have a lot to teach the living. About life, about purpose, about joy, about forgiveness, but most of all about love and connection.

With love,


For those of you curious about the instantaneous healing I experienced, you can watch an interview I did with one of the healers a few years ago as I tried to make sense of my experience: (32) The true story of instantaneous healing through Channelling Love & Bio-energy. – YouTube

Here’s also links to the two significant places I studied and practiced mediumship during my journey.

The spiritual shop where I attended a development circle: The Stone Ring | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thestonering.co.uk

The Spiritual Café where I got to hone my skills as A Medium: Little Whispers Sanctuary | Facebook

You can book a private reading with me here: www.mindfulwishes.blog/privatereadings/

3 thoughts on “About Linda

  1. Awesome inspiring empowering enlightening hopeful honest loving faithful joyful ……endless ways to describe your journey …one that shows the strength and conviction of one woman left to do it all alone and succeed. I know a girl with dystonia. My own family suffered with bullying and anxiety. My list is crippling….so let it suffice to say……God gets me up everyday and I make it work. I’m so happy I STUMBLED 😍upon you. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. If you can, remind me the name of the book. I’d love to gain more strength.


  2. Thank you for telling of your life story ! I too am a psychic medium but don’t put myself forward I too was picked on as a child and also through my teenage years. I have been able to “see , sense , feel and hear” spirit since I was a child also Nature Spirits /fae folk too . I found a job and worked in a shop that had a healing room above the shop that was also used for teaching healing, tarot and open and closed psychic circles and much more it was a truly wonderful job and was taught so much and was taught how to strengthen and use my psychic / mediumship abilities and to have the confidence to move forward on my path of light I am now a Reiki Master healer amongst other things. I am so grateful of my gifts and I know there is an afterlife as I have had so many experiences to prove this! I love in Hertfordshire U.K . I am so pleased to have found your Facebook Page. Thank you


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