Samhain Year Ahead Reading

A 13 card traditional Tarot reading packed full of personal insights to guide you through each of the 12 months following Samhain, which is also known as The Witches New Year. Recorded for you personally by Linda.

My Diary is now closed for this type of booking. If you have ordered one, your reading will be emailed to you by the 28th of October.

If you follow the Wheel of the Year, the changes of the seasons, and recognise the 31st of October as the ending of the old year and beginning of the new year, then this may be the perfect time for you to access the wisdom of this type of reading. Being Witchy myself, this is the time I do my own year ahead reading. With a card for each month detailing the energies, opportunities and challenges ahead, plus a 13th card which shows your personal theme of the year which is typically a bigger lesson your soul is here to learn on this coming yearly cycle, it’s a reading you can keep and refer back to at the beginning of each month to help guide, encourage and support you in life. This reading covers the months November 2022- October 2023. Please note I do not offer Mediumship in these types of readings, but will include any psychic information that comes forward for you. Scroll down to book yours.

The Wheel Of The Year is an annual cycle of eight Pagan holidays. Each festival is called a Sabbat. They fall during seasonal shifts and energetically potent intervals. The festivals fall around the sun’s movement and celebrate it’s yearly cycle. Death and rebirth of the sun and nature are key themes during the Sabbats, as they honour the earth and the universe we live in. Samhain is celebrated on the 31st of October and during this time the veil between the spiritual and material world thins, making it the perfect time for divination.

Please note: Year ahead Readings that begin from the 1st of January 2023 and cover the full 12 months of the calendar year will be available to book here on my website from the end of September. So if you’d prefer to have all 12 months of 2023 covered, please wait and book this type of Year ahead reading when they become available.

With love,

Scottish Psychic Medium Linda Hughes.

You can book a private mediumship reading with me here:

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