Autumn Equinox Reading

This 7 card Tarot reading is packed with personal insights to help you navigate your way through Autumn. Recorded on video specifically for you by Linda, and emailed to you to keep and refer back to, this reading covers the months of Autumn from the 23rd of September – 21st of December 2022.

For each Autumn month you will receive two cards. Card one reveals the area of your life to focus your energy on in order to create success for yourself. Card two reveals any subconcious energy blocks for you to work on removing, working through or healing to prevent you from feeling stuck in life.

Your final card reveals your personal theme for Autumn This is typically a bigger lesson or breakthrough your soul is here to learn and experience on this seasonal cycle.

Autumn Equinox Reading

A personal 7 card Tarot reading to help you navigate your way through the Autumn months with more flow and alignment to your souls journey.


This reading can be really helpful to highlight the areas of your life to direct your energy towards to bring you the most personal growth and soul aligned experiences.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Your video reading will be emailed out to you by the 16th of Spetember in plenty of time for you to watch for the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd of September.

It’s a lovely way to honour the changes of season and take some time for yourself to reflect on your life goals and direction, especially at this last seasonal check in point of the year.

Autumn is personally my favourite season. It’s the beginning of nature slowing down, shedding what is no longer needed and turning inwards. So it’s a beautiful time to connect with your own inner world and listen to the language of your soul.

With love,

Scottish Psychic Medium, Linda Hughes.

For private psychic mediumship readings on Zoom please click here.

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