Year Ahead Tarot Reading 2022

A 13 card traditional Tarot reading packed full of personal insights to guide you through each of the 12 months of 2022. Recorded for you personally via video by Linda.

MY DIARY IS NOW CLOSED FOR YEAR AHEAD READINGS. If you’ve booked in the past week, your reading will be emailed to you by the 10th of January.

With a card for each month detailing the energies, opportunities and challenges ahead, plus a 13th card which shows your personal theme of the year which is typically a bigger lesson your soul is here to learn on this coming yearly cycle, it’s a reading you can keep and refer back to at the beginning of each month to help guide, encourage and support you in life. This reading covers the months January 2022 – December 2022. Please note I do not offer Mediumship in these types of readings, but will include any psychic information that comes forward for you. Scroll down to book yours.

Your reading will be recorded for you and you will receive your personal video via email by the 10th of January.

This type of reading is like having a mini reading each month, providing you with a personalised energetic road map of the year ahead to help you make the most of the opportunities that lie before you.

It highlights times when the energy is supportive for you to embark on new projects, to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to dig deep and take a leap of faith and also when the energy requires you to focus more on self-care, rest and reflection.

I look forward to seeing what comes up for you.

With love,

Scottish Psychic Medium Linda Hughes.

You can book a private mediumship reading with me here:

2 thoughts on “Year Ahead Tarot Reading 2022

  1. Hi beautiful Linda.
    Hope you are so well. Look forward to your reading. Warmly and blessings to you family ( & cute cat )!
    Skye (Australia)


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