Mediumship Development Workshop for beginners

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has an interest in Mediumship and would like to start exploring how to connect with the Spirit world to bring through meaningful messages and validations from people in Spirit either for yourself or others.

Join me on Zoom on Sunday the 6th of March at 7pm UK time (2pm UTC) for this insightful 75 minute workshop, packed with information about how mediumship works and practical ways for you begin developing your own abilities. A recording will be made available if you can’t attend live.

We’ll be learning about and exploring:

The 5 Clair senses used in mediumship. What they are, how to identify which one is most dominant in you and how to develop them.

Daily practices that will help you connect with the spirit world.

How to manage your own energy to do this work. Learning both grounding techniques and ways to raise your energetic vibration.

How to meet your spirit guides – Those on the other side who are there to assist you on your mediumship journey and learn about their specific roles.

Mediumship Development Workshop for Beginners

Join me live for this interactive workshop to learn how to begin developing your own mediumship abilities.


I look forward to helping you begin this beautiful journey of connection to the spirit world and the every day unseen magic that is all around us.

With love,

Scottish Psychic Medium and founder of Mindful Wishes, Linda Hughes.

You can book a private psychic mediumship with me here:

Read about my own journey into Mediumship here:

6 thoughts on “Mediumship Development Workshop for beginners

  1. Hello Linda!
    If I sign up for the class, how long will I have access to the recording from the class? Thank you so much!!


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