Memories, trust and the Titanic

The ability to recall happy memories is a natural ability we have as humans that can lift our spirits in the present moment and evoke feelings of joy, especially when we feel a little sad. So it came as no surprise to me when I started doing mediumship readings to learn that recalling happy memories is something people who have passed love to do to bring their loved ones feelings of joy. They love for you to remember the good times you shared together and talk about happy memories that were meaningful in their own life.

They show me these memories through flashes of images, words and feelings. It’s my job as a medium to try to communicate these in such a way that the person receiving the reading can understand.

One of the most profound memories that was shown to me from someone in Spirit in my first few years of reading, made no sense to me at all – in fact it seemed like it was an impossible memory.

I was reading for a lady who was in her 50’s and had connected with her Husband who had passed a year earlier. He had shown me the illness that had led to his sudden passing and shared that they had two grown children and three grandchildren. Even though this information was correct, the woman said she needed something more specific to know her Husband was still around her as she’d felt unable to sense his presence around her since he died.

So I asked her Husband to show me his last happy memory he and his wife shared together and what he showed my made no sense at all. He showed me the two of them smiling, deep in conversation, being served afternoon tea in the grand dining room of the TITANIC! I questioned whether the Titanic ship I was seeing was just perhaps representative of a cruise ship they may have been on, but he showed me again a very clear image, this time of the outside of the entire ship. It was without a doubt the Titanic, with it’s 4 iconic chimneys and flash of red along the bottom of the hull.

In my mind this was an impossible memory for this man in Spirit to have. The Titanic sank on the 14 of April 1912. So how could they have possibly been in the dining room sharing afternoon tea just months before he passed in the year prior to the reading? Even the waitress I was seeing in this memory was dressed in what seemed like the clothes of that time; a black dress with a white apron frilled around the edges. It didn’t make sense.

I tried to ask for a different memory but he was persistent this was all he was going to give me to work with. I apologised to the woman saying “I know this can’t be right but here’s what memory he is sharing with me” before describing what I saw. To my utter amazement, she began to smile and cry simultaneously. This exact memory was meaningful to her and it was the sign she needed from her Husband to let her know he was still around her.

She explained that a few months before he passed, they had travelled from Scotland to Ireland for a romantic weekend break and had afternoon tea in the restaurant of the Titanic museum in Belfast! I had no idea this place existed nor have I ever been there. The dining room is a replica of the one that was on the ship and this was one of the last happy memories they shared together.

This was a huge lesson for me in trusting what memories people in spirit decide to share during readings and to have the confidence to share them, even whey don’t make sense to me. I’ve learned I don’t need to understand them as they are not being shared for my benefit. They don’t even need to seem possible. I just need to pass on the information as a conduit between this world and the other side. Memories are always shared during reading with the sole purpose of bringing comfort and joy to the person receiving the reading.

So please pay attention when a seemingly random memory you have shared with a loved one pops into your mind at the most unexpected time. It may be a memory you’ve not recalled for a very long time but it’s often your loved one in spirits way of bringing you comfort and joy in the present moment. Be thankful for the smiles it brings.

With love,

Linda Hughes. Scottish Psychic Medium and founder of Mindful Wishes.

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