Signs from the other side

Learn how you can receive clear and undeniable signs from your loved ones in Spirit in this live 75 minute online workshop hosted by Scottish Psychic Medium, Linda Hughes.

Join me live on Zoom on Sunday the 12th of September at 7pm UK time (2pm UTC). Book your place using the PayPal button below. A recording will be made available if you can’t join in live.


Signs from the other side workshop

Learn how to receive regular signs from your loved ones in Spirit.


Our loved ones in Spirit are always looking for ways to connect with us, to show us they are still around, and to let us know we are still very much loved. In this workshop I will teach you how to get these signs from your loved ones in Spirit so that you can communicate directly with them through the unspoken language of signs. I’d love for you to be able to experience the joy, comfort and reassurance these signs provide and how they show our continued existence beyond our physical body.

In this live workshop hosted on Zoom you’ll learn:

About the different ways people in Spirit communicate through signs.

Two different approaches, that both work, to bring you very specific signs.

How to recognize a sign when it does show up for you.

How to receive signs regularly.

I look forward to sharing with you this beautiful way of communicating with your loved ones in spirit.

With love,

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Linda Hughes. Scottish Psychic Medium and founder of Mindful Wishes.

You can book a private reading with Linda here:

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