Restore your wellbeing

A new type of reading to help you restore your sense of wellbeing during lockdown.


Restore your wellbeing card reading – Private Reading with Linda Hughes.

This spread has been designed to focus entirely on you and your wellbeing. Highlighting areas you may feel stuck in your life, and giving you practical guidance on how to move forward with more energy, more confidence and more ease. This one hour reading on Zoom with Scottish Psychic Medium, Linda Hughes, Will leave you feeling uplifted and your sense of wellbeing restored.


We’re all having to adjust to a new way of living right now. With limited social interaction, more time indoors, and a need to learn new skills to live, work, and home school our kids in the middle of a Global pandemic. It’s no wonder many are finding the situation is taking a toll on their mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Rapid change of any sort externally requires us to grow internally, and that can be hard no matter how well we’ve dealt with change in the past.

As a self-employed mum of two who’s had to work hard at keeping my sense of wellbeing balanced in the past, I’ve had to dig deep several times during lockdown and use all the self-help wisdom and tools I have at my disposal to keep my mind calm, my motivation high and my days filled with meaning. Not just for my own sanity, but so that I can best support my family, freinds and my clients in a positive way as we move through this time.

If your emotional wellbeing or mental health has been negatively impacted during the past year or during this current lockdown, I’d love to help you restore it with this type of reading. It will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated.

Using a blend of Tarot, intuitive insight, and transformative coaching, I can help you:
*Work through the things that are on your mind and your feelings
*Identify the root of what’s throwing you off balance
*Restore your sense of inner-peace and calm
*Create a nourishing and supportive daily routine that helps you find more meaning
*Set new goals and create a simple plan to help you achieve them
*Feel more connected to yourself, your purpose, and the World around you

CLICK HERE to book a “Restore Your Wellbeing Reading” where you’ll be directed to pay Safely and securely via PayPal. £35 (APPROX. $45 USD)

You’ll then receive and email from me to arrange a suitable time and date to join me on Zoom for this hour reading, focussed all on you and restoring your wellbeing. Readings take place within 7 days of booking.

With love,

Linda Hughes. Scottish psychic Medium, Tarot reader, Transformative life coach
and founder of Mindful Wishes,

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